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Marinas & Boats


Boating and other water sports are a blast! Have peace in mind knowing that your boat is ready to go when you are, secure from theft or vandalism. Don't let the unthinkable happen to you. Below you will find links for all sorts of boating information, including basic water safety, motor controls, deck accessories, security systems, and much, much more! Have a splash without getting soaked in grief!


Please let us know if you know of other reputable businesses that have good marina & boat security products or boat safety tips you would like us to add. If you know of a quality website, please Contact Us with a suggestion. If we think it is appropriate, we'll add it to this list.

Thank You!

  1. Coast Key

    You can start and stop the engine(s) within a range of 16 to 50 feet (5 to 15 meters) by the push of a button, the same way you remote open or lock your car. This is a practical feature that allows a more flexible use of the boat. The tilt works the same way; just push the button for downwards or upwards tilt – anywhere on board the boat.

  2. Marine Guard Network

    Boat security worldwide monitoring and tracking. Browse our Catalog of Security Controllers. If you are interested in creating your own customized security system, you need to begin with the security controller. Please choose one listed below. Then go to the Deck Sensors, Hatch Contacts and Other Peripherals/Accessories sections to complete your alarm system. Finally, visit the Monitoring Services area to select a cellular or worldwide satellite monitoring package.

  3. Flagship Marine Secuirty

    The model FS201 is armed and disarmed by a weather-resistant programmable keypad whose advanced features will satisfy the security needs of any medium to large size boat. The command keypad provides system status and identifies troubled zones. Service personnel may enter temporary codes to allow entrance. The encapsulated membrane keypad surface mounts and is tamper resistant. The FS201 can also activate boarding lights, notify boat owner of on-deck movement and turn off interior cabin motion detectors for overnight stays. The FS201 provides six auto-shunting zones that can be programmed for instant or delay zones.

  4. US Coast Guard Auxillary

    Courses and Downloads, boat safety tips, navigation for all ages.

  5. Dock Builders Supply

    Fiberglass Dock Boxes Dock and deck boxes are our specialty at Dock Builders Supply. All of our dock and deck boxes are constructed from heavy-duty white fiberglass with an average 3/16" wall thickness. The lids are constructed with a strong, sandwich-core design for unsurpassed strength. Every dock box comes standard with lockable, stainless steel latches that are secured with oversized, rustproof rivets...

  6. Boat Dock

    Our popular dock boxes are attractive, versatile and maintenance-free. They are constructed with heavy-duty fiberglass and gel-coated inside and out, with an added UV protectant in the gel-coating for long-lasting beauty and protection from sun damage. The lids are constructed of a strong, sandwich-core fiberglass to allow sitting or standing, and all fasteners and hardware are corrosion resistant. * Freight charges not included in prices.

  7. Safe

    Boat Checklist- A regular and consistent boat maintenance schedule will increase the life span of your boat, improve the safety of your passengers, and make for comfortable boating for you, your colleagues, and your friends and family....

    Marina Safety Guidelines-
  8. Crimewise Library

    It hasn't reached epidemic proportions yet, but crime is a growing threat to recreational boating. Theft of boats and expensive hardware and electronics is increasing. Less serious crime, like petty theft and random vandalism, is even more prevalent. Marine crime prevention, like home or business crime prevention, is mostly a matter of...

  9. PermaSecurity

    Boat and Marina Security

  10. GPS Display Cable Lock

    Marinelock LockitDown(tm) GPS or Fishfinder Locking kit, secures single dash components. Contains 2 glue on anchor clips, 2' Stainless steel locking cable, and padlock. Glue kit included. Black, White, or Clear (clear vinyl over stainless) Easily installed. Select "screw-in" cable anchor as an option. (remove one screw from back of GPS to install this clip)

  11. Marine Locks- Trailer Coupler

    A ratcheting shaft allows this lock to fit most 1-7/8", 2" and 2-5/16'' couplers, making this Master Lock Coupler Lock one of the most versatile trailer locks out there! The Lock's advanced locking mechanism resists picking and prying for extra protection, while the durable black matte finish protects against rust and corrosion. A front access keyway means easy accessibility. * Guards Against Trailer Towaway Theft

  12. The Boat Nanny

    The BoatNanny™ is a wireless plug n' go remote boat alarm system that anyone can install in less than 30 minutes. When an alarm is activated, the systems will text message your cell phone and/or send you an email. The system communicates to you anywhere cell phone coverage exists.


    Trolling motor guide- a wireless way to control your boat!

  14. Bass Pro Shops- Outdoor Site library

    Accessories to keep your boat organized-An organized boat is more comfortable and safer than one cluttered with items on the floor and thrown into storage spaces. In this Buyer's Guide, I'll discuss some of the basic boat accessories that will keep your vessel organized.