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Installation Instructions (DIY)

All our keyless keypad locks are designed to retrofit easily onto existing doors, so they are easy to install. In most cases, you don’t need a locksmith—you can do it yourself.  Just click on the links to the documents for the product you have and follow the step-by-step installation. You'll be able to find instructions for panic bar door locks, vehicle keypads, gate closers, and more. Whether you're looking for a guide on how to change the code on a keypad lock or how to install it on your door or vehicle, we have instructions to help you here.

IMPORTANT: Depending on your printer settings, the scale of these templates may not be correct when printed. If you need to use a template that you printed yourself, please put a ruler on it and make sure that an inch is really an inch. If not, you will need to re-print the template with a different scale factor. Fortunately, you usually won't need to worry about this because properly scaled version will be included with the lock you purchase. 

AKE-5 Keypad Door Lock for Cars

Essex AKE-5 Keypad Door Lock for Cars

KE-1701 Keypad Door Lock for RVs, SUVs, and Trucks

Essex KE-1701 Keypad Door Lock for RVs, SUVs, and Trucks

RE-1704 Remote Keyless Entry Kit for Cars

Essex RE-1704 Remote Keyless Entry Kit for Cars

Eternity E4 iButton Keypad Lock

Eternity E4 - Commercial Grade Keypad iButton Lock:

Eternity E5RF Proximity Card Lock

Eternity E5RF Proximity Card Lock:


Lockey 1150, 1600, 1150DC, & 1600DC Lever Handle Latchbolt Locks


Lockey 115P & 160P Panic Bar Locks



Lockey 2200 Surface-Mounted Locks


Lockey 2210 & 2210DC Deadbolt Locks


Lockey 2230 & 2230DC Latchbolt Locks


Lockey 2500 Surface-Mounted Locks



Lockey 2835 & 2835DC Lever Handle Latchbolt Locks



Lockey 2900 Series Narrow Stile Door Locks


Lockey 3210 & 3210DC Marine-Grade Deadbolt Locks



Lockey 3230 & 3230DC Marine-Grade Latchbolt Locks




Lockey C-Series Keypad Locks
(C120, C150, & C170 )


Lockey E-Digital Keypad Locks
(E910, E915, E930, E985, E995, EB915)

Lockey TB100 Turtle Back Hydraulic Gate Closer

Lockey Gate Closers


Lockey TB 200/400/600 Series Gate Closers
Gate Closers


Lockey M-Series Deadbolt Locks
(M210 / M210DC)


Lockey Panic Bar Locks

Lockey Panic Shield Kits: STANDARD/VALUE (PS40 to PS45)

Lockey Panic Shield Kits: STANDARD/SAFETY (PS50 to PS55)

Lockey Panic Shield Kits: STANDARD/SECURITY (PS60 to PS65)

Lockey Standard Panic Shield Kits

Lockey Panic Bar

Detex Panic Bar - Grade-1

Lockey Panic Bar Shields

Dimensions for Lockey Strike Bracket for Panic Bars


Lockey Panic Bars & Accessories

Lockey Panic Bars

DETEX Panic Bars

Lockey Panic Shields

Lockey MAX-Guard Panic Bar Shield

Dimensions for Lockey MAX-Guard Panic Bar Shield

Lockey Strike Bracket for Panic Bars

Dimensions for Lockey Strike Bracket for Panic Bars


LockState RemoteLock Deadbolt 5i-B WiFi




LockState RemoteLock Latchbolt 5i-B WiFi




LockState RemoteLock WiFi Latchbolt 3i (OpenEdge BG)




LockState RemoteLock LS-7i Latchbolt WiFi

LockState/RemoteLockWiFi Locks

Door Lock, Meet the Internet

LockState/Remotelock Installation

Guide to Connecting Your LockState/Remotelock WiFi Device to the Internet

LockState/Remotelocks for Property Managers
(this video shows the 6i which is no longer available, however, the informaiton applies to all RemoteLock WiFi locks)

LockState/Remotelocks 5i versus 7i