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07. How to Install a Vehicle Keypad

for Essex Vehicle Keypad Entry Systems for Cars, Vans, RVs, and Trucks


  1. This keyless entry system installs on virtually all automobile makes and models.
  2. Click here to view video demo showing how to install and program an AKE–5 Keyless Vehicle Keypad Entry System
  3. No moving parts,
    completely weatherproof,
    virtually indestructible
  4. Illuminated keypad lights up at first touch for night-time use
  5. Up to 5 access codes for family/friends
  6. Access codes can be 3 to 8-digits long
  7. Easily programmed on the keypad
  8. Remote key FOB available, as an option
  9. Up to 3 auxiliary outputs can be used to open a trunk, storage compartment, or activate any electrically-controlled auxiliary device
  10. 100% bump-proof and unpickable
  11. 3-Year Warranty from manufacturer