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Technical Support

If you need help selecting the right product for your application or placing an order, please call us—we'd love to help! Here is how to reach us:

Sales & Customer Service
The Keyless Locks Store
1-888-202-4538 Toll Free
Mon-Fri 9 AM to 4 PM Central Time except holidays

If you have an advanced technical question about a product or need help with installation or warranty support, please call the manufacturer's technical support engineers. Their phone number and hours are shown below. Here are some important things to know/do before you call:

  1. Please note that manufacturer's technical support engineers do not sell anything and they do not take orders, but they know pretty much everything there is to know about their products and they are happy to help with whatever they can.
  2. For the best service possible, you should be at or near your product or installation site when you call in. Be prepared to give them the following information:
    • Your name & address
    • Your order number & date
    • Our website address:
  3. Here are the manufacturer's technical support engineers we like best, along with their direct contact information.
Product Group Tech Support Warranty

LockeyUSA Door, Pool, Gate, Store Front, &
Panic Bar Locks & Gate Accessories

1-989-317-4032 (direct)
1-888-395-0163 (toll free)
ask for Trevor
Mon-Thu 9am-5pm
Fri 9am-3pm EST

1-Year or Life-Time



Essex Vehicle Keypad Locks
Essex Vehicle Keypad Locks

7:30am to 4pm PST


Essex Warranty


GSA Door Knob Locks (Mechanical)

9am-5pm EST


GSA Warranty


RemoteLock (aka LockState)
WiFi Locks, Algorithmically-Controlled Locks,
Access Control/Audit Trail Systems

Mon-Thu 9am-5pm MST
Fri 9:30am-5pm MST or

Or, click here to 
schedule time with 
a Support Team Member

1, 2, or & 3-Years

LockState Warranty


UAccess Battery-Operated iButton Locks &
Access Control/Audit Trail Systems

(972) 820-6450 (direct)
(214) 842-4550 (alternate)
ask for Scott Phillips
Mon Fri
9am-5pm CST


iButton Warranty


Intelligent Biometric Controls Internet-Accessible
Access Control Systems

1-513-239-6322 x 320
ask for John
9am-5pm EST