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Missing/Damaged Items

If something you ordered is missing or was damaged in shipment...

We want every order that is sent out to to be perfect and we work hard to ensure that happens! However, our products are heavy and many have sharp edges which can cause damage during shipment. In addition, shipping carriers can lose or damage packages in transit. We understand that sometimes things can go wrong.

If you are missing an item your ordered or if you have received an item that is damaged:

  • First, check the Packing Slip in your box to see if a missing item should have been included or if it is being sent separately.
  • Then, contact us right away (no later than 48 hours) with a description of the lost or damaged items. If possible, send photos documenting the problem to the email address at the footer of each page of our website.
  • Be sure you:
    • Save all items inside the box.
    • Save your shipping label.
    • Save all packaging materials.  
    • Be prepared to let the shipping company inspect these items at your location.

Once you document the type and extent of the damage or the missing items, we'll get a replacement on its way to you as quickly as possible.