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What is MAP Protection?

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MAP is a good thing! MAP stands for “Minimum Advertised Price.”  It means that the manufacturer has set a minimum price for advertising their product. When we run a sale, we adhere to the MAP price. This means we advertise the MAP price and then usually offer a number of additional discounts like special deals, shipping, educational, or military discounts, etc. But search results always return the MAP price.  So if you find a lower advertised price than ours, it is being sold below MAP and the seller is in violation of the manufacturer's MAP policy and is subject to getting their selling priviledges suspended.


Most reputable manufacturers have a MAP policy. A MAP policy protects everyone from illegal, predatory, and debilitating price cuts that hurt everyone—consumers, manufacturers, and resellers alike.  Here is why:

  1. Without a MAP policy, resellers can cut prices and even sell at a loss to drive competitors out of business. Then, with the playing field cleared, they raise prices back up, often higher than before, to make up for those losses. This practice is especially destructive when it is subsidized by foreign governments. This can also lead to the original manufacturer going out of business, as some resellers will have the product made overseas, altering it just enough to avoid patent violations. Once they do that, they can sell their version instead of the manufacturer's and drive them out of business, too.
  2. With no competition, the few resellers left standing are free to focus on maximizing profits instead of taking better care of their customers or providing important pre- and after-sale services like technical support, warranty support, security releases, product enhancements, new features, etc. Often, the quality of the product goes down, too.
  3. With a MAP policy, consumers can easily tell if a reseller is not legitimate because their prices are just too low. Like the old saying, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Here at the Keyless Locks Store, the price we advertise all our products at is the MAP price, so if you find it advertised for less somewhere else, stop and think before you buy (see below).


You may not realize it, but if you buy below MAP,  you are taking some risks:

  1. The product might be a “knockoff” or fake. If you purchase a fake, or even if you just bought it from an unauthorized reseller, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty or service the item because they did not manufacture it or the reseller was not in good standing with them.
  2. Parts for the fake product may not be available. Genuine parts may not fit your item if it is a fake. 
  3. Customer service and tech support may not be available. If you have a problem, you may be on your own!
  4. Product information may not be accurate. If you make your selection based on the information they provide and it's wrong, the product you receive may not work. You could end up sending it back and even paying shipping and/or restocking fees.

So think before you buy! If it looks too good to be true, maybe it is. Knowing the MAP price can help you determine that.