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Back Orders

If something in your Cart is marked as Out-of-Stock, it means it is temporarily sold out and will be placed on backorder. This means that your order will be handled a little differently, so please review the following information to be sure that this is ok with you prior to placing your order:

  1. The estimated ship date for out-of-stock items (if known) is shown on the Add to Cart page, the Checkout page, and your order confirmation email, so you will always know it. 
  2. Item(s) may be in-stock when added to your Cart, but sell out before you finalize your order. 
  3. Estimated ship dates (if known) are printed on your email Order Confirmation and Invoice so you have a record to refer to.
  4. Estimated ship date(s) (if known) are based on information we get from our suppliers and are not within our control. As such, they are subject to change without notice. 

Here is what to expect if an item(s) is out-of-stock when you place your order:

  1. In-stock items on your order will be shipped right away.  
  2. Out-of-stock items are shipped as soon as they become available in the ordered received, based on your order date.
  3. Out-of-stock items will be shipped via Ground service at no extra charge if they were ordered with other items that have already been shipped.  
  4. You may upgrade the shipping service for out-of-stock items to get them faster if you are willing to pay the difference in cost. Please call or email us to make special arrangements.
  5. You may either call us  at (888) 202-4538 or email us at to cancel a back ordered item any time prior to when it is shipped.  
  6. If you cancel a back ordered item and place a new order later, you will lose your original place in the queue. This may delay the date you received your order.
  7. If you cancel a back ordered item that has not yet been shipped, you will receive a full refund, subject to adjustments for discount coupons that no longer apply based on the quantity and/or total cost left on your order.