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Lockey Gate Boxes
Lockey Panic GateBoxes
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NOTE: all gateboxes can be use with both single and double-sided locks


  • GATE HARDWARE: metal boxes that can be welded onto a steel or aluminum gate to provide a mounting surface for a keyless lock.

Gate Boxes by Lock Model

If you know what lock you want to use, click on it below to easily see what Lockey gate box you will need:

1.   For 1150/1600 locks (single or double-sided) — use a GB-1150 Gate Box

2.   For 115P/160P panic bar locks — use a PSGB100 Gate Box

3.   For 2210/2830/2835/3210/3230 locks (single or double-sided) — use a GB-2500 Gate Box

4.   For 2830/2835 locks on 2″ square gate frames with no welding — use a PSGB200 Gate Box

5.   For 2900/2950 locks — use a GB-950 Gate Box

6.   For 2900/2930/2950/2985 locks on a chain link fence — use a GB-2900 LINX Gate Box

7.   For 2930/2985 locks — use a GB-900 Gate Box

8.   For M210 locks with a door knob (single or double-sided) — use a GB-210 Gate Box

9.   For M210/M230 locks(single or double-sided) — use a GB-200-M Gate Box

10. For M210/M210DC locks on gates with a narrow stile (single or double-sided) — use a GB-Add-A-Bolt Gate Box

  • Designed for retrofitting existing gates with posts that are 1-1/2" or 2" thick.
  • Dimensions: 2 W x 1-½ D x 6-1/8 H
  • Compatible with:
    1. M210 or M210DC with a drive-in deadbolt.
    2. M210 or M210DC with an adjustable deadbolt or latchbolt. NOTE: the face plate of the adjustable bolt will not be flush with the gatebox. Instead, it will extend approximately 1/16th inch toward the post. This will not interfere with the operation of the gate unless the clearance between the gate and the post is 1/16th inch or less. In this case, you will need to make the clearance wider or make a 1/16th inch recessed area in the gatebox for the face plate.
  • Material: 14 gauge steel


What is a gate box?

  • A gate box is simply a hollow box made of heavy-gauge metal that is exactly the right size and shape to attach a lock to.
  • Gate boxes do not open.
  • Lockey gate boxes come in many different sizes and shapes. They are designed to exactly fit a specific Lockey lock.
  • We carry gate lock mounting hardware for almost every Lockey lock.

When do you need a gate box?

  • Gate boxes are used on gates that are not solid, but instead have vertical rungs or even grids or mesh surfaces which you can't secure a lock to.
  • Gate boxes are welded into a gate, usually by a fence company, and become a permaent part of the gate. Then, the gate and gate box are usually powder coated all at the same time, so everything matches.

How expensive are gate boxes?

  • Prices for gate boxes vary according to their size and material they are made from.
  • However, it is usually faster, cheaper, and easier to purchase a Lockey gate box than to have your fence company try to build one from scratch.

What type of gate boxes are available?

  • Gate boxes come in two types. Choose the material that matches your gate:
    • Heavy-duty steel (14 gauge) with a mill finish.
    • Aluminum (.125).

What back set will you need?

  • All Lockey gate boxes have a 2-3/8" backsets, so be sure your latchbolt has either a 2-3/8" or an adjustable latchbolt.
  • The lock spindle and support pins go through the large opening.
  • The round holes at the top and bottom of the box are for the lock’s machine screws. These are used to hold the front and back of the lock together on the gate box.

Where are gate boxes typicaly used?

  • Gate boxes are often used on pool gates, back yard fences, beach gates, dumpster's gates, storage gates, driveway entrances, or any place that needs a super-strong surface of just the right height, width, and thickness.

Can I use a magnetic latchbolt with a gatebox?

  • Magnetic latchbolts (which can only be ordered for a Lockey 1150, 1150DC, 1600, 1600DC lock), are not compatible with gate boxes unless you are able and willing to make the following minor adjustment: the rectangular face plate on the magnetic latchbolt is slightly larger than the recessed area of the gate box, so if you want it to fit flush with the edge of the gate lock mounting hardware, you will need to trim a little off the edge.

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