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Lockey Gatebox GB900+ for 2900, 2930, 2950, 2985

The Lockey GB900+ gate box is a weldable metal gate lock box that is designed to be used with all Lockey 2900 Series Narrow-Stile Keypad Locks. When welded or bolted in place on a metal gate, it will provide a strong, flat surface to quickly and easily install a Lockey narrow-stile keypad lock (the type of lock that comes with a large rectangular mortised bolt instead of a smaller, cylindrical one.) The Lockey Gatebox GB900+ replaces the former GB900 and GB950 Gate Boxes.

The size, shape, and pre-drilled holes on the Lockey gate box are compatible with the following keyless locks which have either a single or a double-sided keypad:


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  • GATE HARDWARE: metal boxes that can be welded onto a steel or aluminum gate to provide a mounting surface for a keyless lock.

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