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Lockey Plastic/Rubber Trim Plates

  • These are black plastic or rubber trim plates (aka escutcheons).
  • Two rubber or plastic escutcheons come in the box with every Lockey keyless lock.
  • These are used to cover the large 2-1/8" bore hole in a door where a door knob or deadbolt lock is usually installed.
  • Order this if you lost or damaged one of the original trim plates that came in the box with your lock.
  • In the rare case where you have a bore hole that is larger than 2-1/8", consider using a Lockey Metal Trim Plate which is a little wider.
  • Two trim plates are included with each lock as part of the standard package of parts, so you don't need to order them separately unless you want an extra one.
  • Trim plates are sold individually, so if you need one for the inside and outside, then be sure to order two.
  • They vary in size and shape, so be sure to specify the correct lock when you order.
  • These can be cut down to exactly fit the size of the lock body.
  • Be sure to specify which lock you have below because the dimensions and shape of these trim plates vary, depending on the lock model.



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  • FINISHES: jet black.
  • HANDING: reversible (can be installed on left or right side).
  • POWER REQUIRED: none, this product is 100% mechanical and uses no power.
  • PRODUCT LINE: Lockey 1000 Series; Lockey 2000 Series; Lockey 2900 Series; Lockey 3000 Series; Lockey C Series; Lockey E-Digital Series; Lockey M Series; Lockey P Series.
  • USAGE: commercial; residential.
  • WARRANTY: Life-Time Mechanical Warranty unless ordered with a key override built-in to the knob.
  • WEATHER: weather-resistant.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee All Weather All Mechanical-needs no electricity
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