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Lockey Panic Bar Handles (Trims)

Lockey Panic Bar Door Handle Sets/Trims are stainless steel handles that are mounted on the outside of a door that has a panic bar on the inside. These silver door handles are usually used stand-alone, i.e., without Lockey push button lock.



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Panic Bar Trim:


  • BOLT TYPE: Locks with a small, tube-shaped deadbolt which is inserted into the edge of a door. These are typically locked manually..
  • FINISHES: silver.
  • POWER: none, this product is mechanical.
  • PRODUCT LINE: Lockey Parts.
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Locks that can be exposed to the weather on both the outside and the inside.


  • These stainless steel panic bar door handles will work on doors that are 1-3/4" thick.
  • They are all compatible with the panic bars we carry which are:
  • The keyed versions work with panic bars which support a key cylinder with a 90 degree or less turn radius.
  • These silver door handles will work with either a flat spindle (aka tail piece) or a cross-shaped spindle.

Keyed Versions:

  • Keyed panic bar trim sets come with a Schlage key cylinder and 2 metal keys. 
  • All keyed handle sets stay locked until you open them with a key. Then they remain unlocked until relocked with a key.

Storeroom vs Keyed Entry:

  • STOREROOM LOCKS are always locked. This is handy when the outside lever should remain locked at all times. A key is used to retract the latchbolt and open the door; when the key is removed, the door is locked on the outside. There is no ability to lock or unlock the outside knob or lever from the inside. Typical locations for a storeroom lock are secure storage rooms, mechanical rooms, and electrical rooms that do not require panic hardware. When a storeroom lock is specified, a door closer may also be needed to ensure that the door is not left open, defeating security.
  • The KEYED ENTRY / CLASSROOM locks can be either locked or unlocked. These locks are controlled by a key in the outside cylinder, which locks or unlocks the outside lever. The lock can be left in the locked or unlocked state by using the key, and there is no means of locking or unlocking the outside knob or lever from the inside. This function was originally designed for schools to prevent students from tampering with the lock, but most new schools have classroom security locks. A classroom lock might be used for a common office corridor or suite entry, where key control of the lock is needed and a thumb turn or push button/ turn is not desired.
  • Both models come with 2 keys.

ADA Compliance

  • All panic bar trims are ADA compliant except for the Thumbpiece Keyed Entry Trim (PB-TPED). This is because they can be opened by a person who does not have the full use of their hands.
  • Just be sure to mount them low enough to the ground so that a person in a wheel chair can reach and open them.

Five-Year Warranty

All Lockey Panic Hardware including Lockey Panic Bars and Panic Shields come with a Five-Year Mechanical Warranty. The Five-Year warranty does NOT cover damage or defects to the product’s finish, or defects resulting from vandalism, and improper installation or use. The Warranty does not apply to DETEX Panic Hardware, sold by LockeyUSA. All DETEX Warranty inquiries must be directed to the manufacturer.

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