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Lockey Replacement Latchbolt: Mortised-Type for 2985/2985DC (Adams-Rite Replacement)

This is the latchbolt for Lockey's 2985/2985DC narrow stile keypad lock. It can be used to replace an Adams-Rite lock on doors made of glass with narrow metal frames. Because it is spring loaded, it will automatically latch and lock a door each time it is closed.

This is a mortised latchbolt rather than a cylindrical one, since it has a large, rectangularly shaped, mortised-style latchbolt that is inserted into the edge of a door. It has a backset of only 1-1/8" so it can be used on doors with narrow stiles (ie, glass and aluminum storefront doors). It has a rectangular faceplate which is installed in a recessed area on the edge of a door so that it is flush. If your door does not have a recessed surface to attach the bolt to, see Lockey Mounting Tabs for 2900 Series.

This latchbolt's normal position is extended. As the door (or gate) closes, this bolt will come into contact with the strike plate and be pressed back into the door. When the door is fully closed, the bolt will line up with the hole in the strike plate and spring back out into extended postion, latching the door. It has a deadlocking device that prevents it from being pried open. It is shipped with a spindle and a support pin.

This latchbolt is used with these products:
  • Lockey 2985 Narrow-Stile Passage Lever-Handle Latchbolt Keypad Lock
  • Lockey 2985DC Double-Keypad Narrow-Stile Passage Latchbolt Keypad Lock


    Part Height Width
    Case 5-12/16" 1" 
    Face Plate 6-7/8" 1" 
    Backset   1-1/8"


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    • BOLT TYPE: Locks with a tube-shaped latchbolt that is inserted into a door's edge. These are spring-loaded and lock automatically.
    • DOOR/GATE TYPE: locks for standard doors/gates that swing and are made of wood/vinyl/glass/metal, with/without vertical posts or pickets.
    • FINISHES: silver.
    • INSTALLATION: bolt is inserted into edge of door.
    • PARTS/SERVICES: handy items for replacement, repair, or to just have on hand.
    • POWER: none, this product is mechanical.
    • PRODUCT LINE: Lockey Parts.
    • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Locks that can be exposed to the weather on both the outside and the inside.

    Life-Time Mechanical Warranty 30-Day Money Back Guarantee All Weather All Mechanical-needs no electricity
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