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Lockey EC-790 Electronic Locker Lock

Key Features

  • Public & private modes (can be switched at will)
  • Fits most standard metal lockers "out of the box"
  • Simple click together fit w 2 nuts to secure
  • Designed to work with locking bar lifter
  • Is ADA compliant as standard
  • Key override
  • Up to 80,000 operations/set of batteries
  • Battery condition indicator
  • Audible key press (on/off)
  • Re-lock indicator
  • 4-digit user code
  • 8-digit master code
  • Technician mode

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • Fits most standard metal lockers
  • Works with locking bar lifter
  • Easy to use and can be installed in minutes
  • Simple click together fit w 2 nuts to secure
  • Has Key override
  • Audible key press (can be turned on/off)
  • Re-lock indicator
  • 4-digit user code
  • 8-digit master code
  • Technician mode

Modes of Operation

  • PUBLIC MODE - this is commonly used for locks in public spaces such as fitness locker rooms, shared work spaces, festivals,  amusement parks, etc. In this mode, each person gets to set their own code after they put their things in the locker. The code is only good until the lock is next opened. The lock only knows the current code and does not store any previous codes. To prevent people from keeping a lock indefinitely, an administrator can optionally set up a time period when these locks will unlock automatically.

  • PRIVATE MODE - this is commonly used for locks on private spaces such as cabinets, lockers, drawers, etc. In this mode, the administrator assigns a permanent code for the lock and gives it to an individual or group. The lock only knows one code, which is shared among one or more people. After someone enters the code, the lock will open and remain open for 4 to 5 seconds before it automatically re-locks. It will never stay unlocked permanently.

External Dimensions

Length 2.9 in 73.5 mm
Width 2.05 in 52 mm
Depth 1.1 in 28 mm

Internal Dimensions

Length 2.66 in 67.5 mm
Width 3.66 in 93 mm
Depth .88 in 22.4 mm


Power 2 x AA Battery (Alkaline)
Operations Up to 80,000 cycles per pair of AA batteries
Low Battery LED lights with battery condition indicator
Material Heavy-Duty zinc die-cast construction
Finish Powder coated
Environment For Interior Use


  • Two-Year Electronic Warranty from the manufacturer